Zoosexuality in Real Life

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I'm writing this article in a physical notebook. A pen is going across a piece of paper and marking down words about zoosexuality, in real life. I'm sitting outside, I can smell mud and hear birds. Why am I doing this? It may sound like a waste of time. I'm going to have to take this notebook and type its contents into a computer anyways to publish it to our website. But I don't think it's a waste of time at all.
Speaking from experience, I think it's easy to feel like your zoosexuality is this thing that only exists on the internet. Like, there are a couple of websites on your computer that you can be a zoo on, but for the rest of the day it's this dangerous secret that no one can know about. You are "not a zoo" for most of the hours in a day. Especially if there's not an animal partner in your life it can feel very distant and hypothetical.
But zoosexuality is real. Humans and animals court one another in real life. Humans and animals have sex. When I go shopping or visit family or show up to a job, I am a zoo. There may not be a dog in the room, but all the same I am a zoo in real life. I'm someone who's whole deal has been strongly informed by being in long term relationships with dogs and I'm someone who's going to care a lot more about animals in this conversation.
If you're someone who feels kinda disconnected from this whole zoosexuality idea, here's some stuff I would recommend. 
-Practice drawing zetas and carry a sharpie. It takes about one second to draw a zeta on a bathroom stall or a building that you're walking past.
-Write zooey thoughts on some paper like I'm doing right now. Put something into the world that says your thoughts on humans and animals sharing romance. 
-Come out. It's true enough that not everyone is in a position to do this responsibly, but I really have to say it's nice having friends you can yap with about zoo stuff.
Zoosexuality is real! And you are empowered to enjoy the benefits of it being real. Zoo it up! Being a zoosexual is really cool and good and anyone who doesn't think so is on some weird nonsense. 
Article written by Alissa (May 2024) 
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