What is Zooey Dot Pub?
Zooey Dot Pub is a platform that collects and publishes writing about zoosexuality. Articles that we publish cover a range of topics that are related to the modern zoosexual experience, such as tips for animal care, analysis on ways that media depicts zoosexuality, responses to some of the common arguments against the topic, and personal stories about living life with a romantic partner who is an animal. Simply put, Zooey Dot Pub is the first zoosexual lifestyle magazine featuring articles written by zoos, for zoos, about a range of interesting topics.
The team at Zooey Dot Pub is headed by project lead Tarro (they/them) and editor-in-chief Alissa Dogchurch (she/her), with much help from others who contribute in a large variety of ways, from writers and editors to web developers and graphic designers, as well as people who help to keep our Discord server fun and safe.
Articles on this website aim to be rated PG-13 most of the time: Even when talking about "adult" topics, the intent is that it be for educational purposes, such as what you could see when adult topics are addressed in a Health class or a History class at school, or like what would be appropriate for an LGBT Youth club. The idea is not to be gratuitously sexy: the idea IS to be sexuality-positive where appropriate, and discuss zoosexuality in a helpful, healthy, and unashamedly sincere way.
What is zoosexuality? Zoophilia? Bestiality?
Zoosexuality describes an attraction experienced by humans towards animals: a human being in love with a horse, a human feeling sexual excitement when wandering by a field of cows, a human and a dog in a close relationship where they are like each other's husbands. A Zoosexual may have a purely sexual relationship with animals, or could see animal companions as life partners the same way someone would treat a traditional romantic relationship.
"Bestiality" is the physical act of a human and a non-human animal having sex. "Zoosexuality" and "Zoophilia" are terms for the sexual or emotional attraction towards animals. Both mean the same thing, but different people prefer one or the other. Often, Zoosexual is used to show our stance that the attraction is a fully-fledged sexual orientation rather than a psychological disorder or a paraphilia. The term "Zoo" can be used as a shorthand as well: "I'm attracted to dogs! I'm a zoo, awoo!"
Zoosexuality has existed for as long as recorded history can tell us. There is evidence of bestiality in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, Babylonia and Mesopotamia, all the way back to prehistoric cave paintings. It’s clear that zoosexuality has been a part of society for as long as societies have existed, albeit to different degrees of prominence and legality.
It’s hard to get an exact number considering the taboo nature of zoosexuality, but according to the Kinsey reports, 8% of males and 5.1% of females have engaged in sexual activity with an animal, with that number increasing to 40-50% for rural populations. And while the Kinsey reports tend to be controversial, the number of Zoosexuals could be even higher, considering that this was specifically looking for people that had acted on their interests. In the magazine, we tend to say that the number is about 7% of the general population having zoophilic feelings, though this is only a best estimate reached by taking the averages of the limited number of studies that are currently available.
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Why are people zoophiles?
Golden Retrievers and horses are very beautiful animals; Some of us have shared deep emotional connections with the family dog, or found that when watching cartoons we were always more interested in the animal characters than the boring humans. There is no one specific path to "becoming a zoophile," or even one specific path to discovering that zoosexuality is one's orientation. Some people discover it through real life experiences, be they sexual or romantic or both, whereas others might discover it through online media such as bestiality pornography or romantic stories featuring animal characters. There are even some that don't discover their sexuality until they find zoos online and realize that that's something that's even an option.
Some people know they are attracted to animals all their lives, whereas others may not discover it until later; some may have always had a sense of it, but never discovered the word for it, or never participated in the communities of zoosexuals that exist. For some people, zoosexuality is their only orientation, and they do not have an interest in humans at all: We usually call this being "Zoo Exclusive." Many are interested in both animals and humans, and some live lives where they have a polyamorous relationship with both a human partner and an animal partner. For some people, zoosexuality may be more of a passing interest but not their "main" thing: they can still choose to call themselves zoos if they want to, or zoo-curious, or just say that they're not averse to it but it's not really a part of their identity in any important way. At the magazine, we believe that labels are helpful if they are helpful to the person who is choosing them, but the label itself is not as important as just being okay with your own feelings regardless.
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Is zoosexuality part of the LGBTQIA+?
Zoosexuality is related in many ways to the LGBTQIA+, but the exact nature of how they are related is complicated. At Zooey Dot Pub, we believe that Zoosexuality inherently falls under the definition of Queer identity; that is, an experience of sexuality or gender that is outside of cisgender heterosexual societal expectations. Surely, it would be fair to say that interacting with the gender expressions of stud dogs and mares is a little outside of what you expect to see in mainstream romance! In that way, we believe that Zoosexuality would be a part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum in a factual sense.
Zoosexuality and the LGBTQIA+ also see a lot of overlap in the high number of zoos who identify as a widely accepted LGBTQIA+ identity, with Bi and Trans seeming to be especially commonly seen in zoo communities.
However, the movement for LGBTQIA+ acceptance is largely separate from the movement for Zoosexual acceptance. Among people who would generally be considered respected figures in the zoo community, it is agreed that it is not our intention to hijack, spoil, or otherwise damage the good will of the LGBTQIA+ movement's progress in order to promote Zoosexuality. These struggles are certainly related and able to be compared, but they are not the same. Someone wearing a gay pride flag is not the same as someone wearing a zoo pride flag, but it would be foolish of us to ignore the many parallels in the bigotry both groups face.
"Furries" and Zoosexuality also have many characteristics which overlap, but they are not considered to be the same thing or the same communities, similarly to how "guitar players" and "musicians" are similar but not the same.
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Can animals consent to sex with humans?
There are a lot of different kinds of animals in the world: some animals can consent to enjoyable and healthy sex with humans, while others would not be able to. An adult male dog is able to whine if he wants you to take him out to pee, wag if he enjoys the way that you're playing tug of war with him, yelp if you accidentally step on his paw, or go away and hide if he hears fireworks that make him uncomfortable. An adult male dog who has not been neutered is also an animal that reproduces by sexual intercourse that is mechanically very similar to how human intercourse works, and involves genitals that are about the same size as human genitals, depending on breed. It's also worth considering that sexual intercourse between dogs has been "guided" by human intervention since the onset of the Dog species, with humans being involved in dog breeding in very hands-on ways to make them less like wolves and more like Fido. We believe, just logically and also from experience, that an animal like an adult dog is able to express eagerness to have sex with a human, that they are able to express enjoyment if they are enjoying it, and that they are able to express a lack of consent if they are actually uninterested.
One tool that zoos use to keep the wellbeing of animals in mind is the Zeta Principles, which are a set of ethical ideas that promote considering the experience from the animal's side:
1. Bestow upon animals the same kindness one would wish bestowed upon oneself.
2. Consider the well being of an animal companion as important as ones own.
3. Place the animal’s will and wellbeing ahead of one’s desires for sexual gratification.
4. Teach those who seek knowledge about zoophilia and bestiality without promoting it.
5. Discourage the practice of bestiality in the presence of fetish seekers.
6. Censure sexual exploitation of animals for the purpose of financial gain.
7. Censure those who practice and promote animal sexual abuse.
A misstatement you’ll hear a lot is that “Dogs have the intelligence of a two year old human.” While it may be true that a dog doesn’t have the same level of intelligence that humans have, comparing the level of intelligence so literally to humans doesn’t make sense because humans and dogs don’t have the same kind of intelligence. There are herding dogs who help manage other animals. There are dogs who are used by the police or military. There are even dogs who work as lifeguards. None of those things a two year old human could do, but dogs can do them all. This is because they have a different kind of intelligence. And this is true for many different species. Animals are much smarter than we think, they just aren’t intelligent in the way that humans are. They are definitely however smart enough to decide whether or not they want to have a sexual relationship. Just like there are dogs who herd, sniff bombs, and save lives, there are also dogs who breed. They make that decision all the time in the wild. They’re smart enough to make that decision when they’re our companions as well.
It is our lived experiences that humans and animals can share long term sexual relationships that do not cause physical harm, do cause emotional fulfillment rather than emotional distress, and are all around enjoyable both for the human and for the animal.
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What if I am a zoophile?
Celebrate that you get to engage with the beauty of animals more deeply than others do; Use your gift to elevate the wellbeing of animals around you, making sure that they are treated with care and dignity more-so than what other humans would give them; Consider yourself lucky to have a first-hand appreciation of what it's like to be hated for something that is good, and use that appreciation to practice sympathy for others, be they of a different race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexuality from your own.
If you worry that being a zoophile means that you won't be able to live a good life, please understand that many zoos have jobs where their employer knows about their orientation; many zoos have families who understand that everyone has their weird things and don't consider a love of animals to be any kind of a big deal; many zoos have friendships with other zoos and with non-zoos alike where they can talk about their love of goats and cows as freely as they care to. Many zoos get to giggle about animal genitalia jokes that the mainstream population misses out on. Many zoos get to read the stories of other zoos and feel in full force all of the emotional pangs of having partners with shorter lifespans than our own. Many zoos get to hang out with people who know they're a zoophile, and have conversations about video games and movies and music that are completely unrelated to that.
If you worry that you would hurt an animal for your own sexual desires, we would encourage you to seek a therapist to talk through your violent ideations with, the same way that we would hope for you to seek help if you were worried you would do something like that with other humans. But if your desire is towards a relationship based on love and respect for an animal partner, perhaps one where you would like to be sexually active with an animal but only as long as it didn't hurt them, there is nothing wrong with you.
In general, being attracted to animals is a wonderful thing: an entire field of in-bloom flowers, rather than the single in-bloom flower of human sexualities and genders.
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Can I contribute to Zooey Dot Pub?
Absolutely! To start with, we appreciate anyone who reads any of the articles we have posted, and considers the ideas within them. If you are newer to learning details about zoosexuality, we appreciate you embarking on that journey, and we would be most glad to give you space and time to ruminate and learn. Browse the articles at your own leisure, or hang out in some of our spaces.
If you do want to contribute actively, one thing we are always looking for is guest writers for articles. Our articles are usually long enough that they take about five minutes to read, although more or less is okay so long as it serves to benefit the article, and are about some topic related to zoosexuality, be it tips, personal stories, or philosophizing about what it means to be attracted to animals as a human. As long as a good message suitable for our magazine is in there somewhere, our editing team is happy to work with you and get the article into shape if it needs any touch ups. We do not ask to "own" the copyright to your article, beyond being allowed to host it on this website, and you can ask that we take it down later if something comes up. If you think you'd be up for some writing but don't think you have anything in particular to say, still feel free to get in touch; the team always has a few ideas of our own floating around that we would like written, but that we might not be the best people for, or that we just haven't gotten around to yet.
If you are in a position to contribute financially, you can do so at the link below: all money received goes back into the project, to cover costs such as web hosting.
If you don't want to write and aren't in a position to donate, but still want to contribute in some way, you would also be doing a huge help by sharing articles with people who you think might have an interest in them. Whether it's a non-zoo friend you're out to who you think might benefit from seeing a longform explanation of some zooey topic, or a zoo-curious person in your DMs who has a question about something that we've covered, we have written many of these articles with the hope to be helpful (or, sometimes just entertaining,) and by spreading that around it's hopefully a win-win-win for us, you, and the person who you're sharing an article with.
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Can I talk with zoophiles anywhere?
Zoophiles exist all over the world. There are zoophiles of every race, national origin, and gender: You've probably talked to a lot of zoophiles in your life without even knowing it. But, if you're looking for a place to meet other zoos online, whether you're a zoo hoping to meet likeminded people or a non-zoo who just wants to expand your horizons, there are some good options.
You might want to check out a forum, like ZooCommunity. Forums are slower paced than other types of platforms, but there you can read through threads of what zoos have had to say about things in the past, and jump in yourself to make new friends in an environment that's not overly chaotic. Twitter is an increasingly deteriorating platform, but it allows people to be openly zoosexual, and so there are zoo niches to be found on Twitter/X as well if that's more your speed. Other platforms such as Mastodon and Bluesky also have some amount of zoo presence.
If you'd like to listen in but aren't wanting to jump in yourself right now, there are also some podcasts out there hosted by zoos who talk about their zooiness openly, and those might be worth taking a listen to to see if they're for you. Zooier Than Thou is a very well-produced show with zooey discussions and skits and songs, while Zoo & Me is a much more casual conversational podcast.
Of course, one place to meet zoos that we couldn't recommend more is Zooey Dot Pub's own Discord server. From in-depth discussions on serious zoo topics, to sharing advice on animal care, to posting silly memes and joking around with each other and just chatting, the Zooey Dot Pub Discord is one of the largest public zoo spaces online and is a great space if you want to hang out as a zoo. Making an alt that's separate from your real life identity is strongly recommended, in case you might bump into anyone you know there, but aside from that it's a pretty safe space with a moderation team that is on top of things and a lot of regulars who make it a fun spot to be in.
If you're over 18, there's also @ZooFursUnity and @ZanyZooMemesChat on Telegram. Both of those spaces are a little bit more adult in nature, but are fantastic groups that we give our full endorsement to. They are both openly run by zoos, with moderation teams to make sure that they remain safe and protected. Much like the Discord however, they are both fairly public chats, and so we'd recommend joining on an alt. 
What else should I know?
In our opinion here at the magazine, zoosexuality isn't that weird. Some people might loudly make a big show of being disgusted by it, but, in our experiences of talking with everyday people offline, most either don't care at all one way or the other, or are sympathetic and hope the best for zoos and their partners to have good times loving one another. The joys that you can share with a nonhuman animal are real, important, special, and wonderful, and are no lesser just because they weren't shared with someone biologically arranged closer to how you are.
Love is love: and dogs can make pretty amazing lovers, in our experiences.
We've heard that horses and donkeys and other animals can be pretty cool too 🐎🐄🐐🐑🐅