Are Zoophiles Allowed To Participate In Pride Month?

Happy Pride Month!
Among the many holidays and celebrations in the year, we take the month of June to celebrate Queer Pride! It's a chance to chat with friends, family, and coworkers about LGBTQIA+ topics. If you're LGBTQIA+ yourself, it's an opportunity to be more open with people about something that may normally be invisible about yourself. It's a month to wave around pride flags and say all kinds of fun gay-positive stuff.
Even on May 31st, before June had even really started, I was seeing the pride posts start rolling out on my Twitter "Following" feed. I follow a lot of zoophiles (human-bodied people who are attracted to non-human animals), and so admittedly, all of the earliest pride tweets I saw roll out this year were sure to specifically mention how zoophilia is something to celebrate and take pride in.
And that is true: being a zoo is something that I am extremely proud of. I'm proud of the relationships I've had with dogs that are deeper than the average person off the street would ever imagine possible. I'm proud of how being a zoo has helped me to be especially mindful of animal rights, and advocating for better treatment of animals as conscious beings who deserve respect and the best treatment we can provide for them. I'm proud of the work I've done to help other animal-attracted people feel seen, loved, understood, and accepted. Taking pride in being a zoophile may be the singular most defining aspect of my life (or at least in the top 5--I am also pretty great at proofreading, being a friend, being good at games, and programming in Ruby).
I would say there is absolutely no doubt that someone can take pride in being a zoophile, and I would also say there is absolutely no doubt that zoophilia is a sexual attraction that is not commonly represented in the world.
So, it's totally the kind of thing that should be celebrated during Pride Month, right?
Zoophiles are allowed to participate in Pride Month!
Plus like, zoos come from all walks of life, and honestly almost all of the zoos who I know personally are LGBTQIA+ in other ways besides liking animals alone. I would say that bi rep is really-really well accounted for in zoo spaces, and trans rep is a home run as well. You can be a zoo who's only into the opposite sex of animals and be totally valid, I'm only saying that many zoos intersect with queer orientations in more than just the one "because animals" way :3 You can be zooey and also celebrate being gay this month, or trans, or whatever else you may be!
And, being into animals is for sure among the things that you are allowed to take pride in during June.
During Pride Month, we have such an important opportunity to help our fellow queer people who we care about feel like they are worthy of the same things as "normal" orientations are worthy of. We deserve to gush about how happy our attractions make us feel, we deserve to share our stories, we deserve to like who we are.
Happy Pride Month to all the Zoos! Awoo!
Article written by Alissa Dogchurch (June 2024
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