Top 10 Hottest Cat Breeds

My name is Ashy, and if you know me personally, you know that I love cats. I not only have a lot of cats, I even am one myself. I love my kitties dearly and even if I’m not romantically involved with any of my cats I do find them romantically attractive in various ways. 
However, this article isn’t about me. Instead, it’s about our favorite furry felines and how cute and sexy they are! This is going to be the purr-fect article for all our fellow cat-attracted zoosexuals and lovers alike! 
Number ten: The Maine Coon
The first feline we are covering today is the Maine Coon. Now you guys may be wondering. Ashy why did you rank the Maine Coon so low? They're just so pretty! 
Now I agree. I could talk about these cute kitties all day long if you (or the editors) would let me. I even have a cat that’s a Maine Coon.
But the thing is, we both know that Maine coons are going to be on this list. Come on, I bet one of the first things you think of when you think of cute kitties is a Maine Coon. And even if they are gorgeous creatures, they are commonly considered hot by the zoosexual community already. I want to introduce you to some other adorable felines that you might not be as familiar with!
These cats are very smart, loving, and extremely cuddly. Also, they are the official state cat of Maine which is a cute fact to know.  They are also described as having very good manners, although for my cat specifically, I'd have to disagree on that one. That little fluff-ball, despite being cute and cuddly, has a bad biting issue and loves to play. However, I still of course love my kitten.
Main Coon cats are very big for domestic house cats. The females tend to be around fifteen pounds and the males are around twenty pounds. The weight of an average domestic cat is ten pounds so you better have a lot of space for these massive kitties. It takes them around five years to become fully grown. But despite their big sizes, they are very kind. Hence why they have the nickname Gentle Giants.
They are also extremely long. The longest domestic house cat ever recorded is a Maine Coon named Stewie and he measured 48.5 inches from his nose to tail.
But weight aside, Main Coons are also extremely fluffy as well, which means they need to be brushed often to avoid matting and hairballs. They evolved to survive in winter so they have tufted ears, long and bushy tails, and a heavy and thick coat that is also slightly water-repellent. Maine Coon cats love the water because of this. My cat certainly does. He tries to swim every time I do the dishes and gets very upset when he gets kicked out of the sink.
These cats are just so big and fluffy that a common origin story about them is that they are the offspring of a forbidden relationship between a long-furred cat and a raccoon. This origin story is of course false and just a joke. But it’s funny to think about. It also could explain the coon part of their name.
In 2004 a Maine Coon named Little Nicky became the first animal to be cloned commercially. After Little Nicky died when he was seventeen years old his owner Julie was heartbroken and paid 50,000 to have him cloned by the California-based Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc. 
Also the winner of the first massive cat show in the USA during 1895 was a handsome brown tabby maine coon named Cosey. I can certainly understand how one of these handsome kitties could have won!
Just look at the pretty kitty in the picture above. His fluffy orange fur and glittering yellow eyes are just so cute. I bet we all would love to pet him and snuggle with him and give him all sorts of treats and affection. I know I certainly would!
Number nine: The Ragdoll
This is also a very common breed that fellow cat lovers find attractive and I don’t blame them. I know I do as well! These cats are similar to Maine Coons in the regard that they are fairly big for domestic house cats. Very fluffy too. Which is a plus for all of the zoosexuals that love cuddling up to fluffy cats. 
Ragdoll cats weigh around twenty pounds and they are covered in pretty fur. They get massive tufts of fur around their neck, sometimes making them look like lions. This also causes them to shed a lot. These cats need to be brushed daily and taken to the groomer often.
Most Ragdoll cats also have a point coloration, which means that their coat is a light color while their face, tail, ears, and some other body parts are dark colors. They are also born pure white. Because of this, all Ragdoll cats have blue eyes as well. The colors of blue can range from light to dark but all purebred Ragdoll cats have to have at least some shade of blue as their eye color.
These adorable cats tend to be patient, calm, and pretty social. So basically the opposite of me! Jokes aside, even if I have never had the chance to adopt a Ragdoll kitty I would love to meet one and give them some loving pets. They also have average life spans and it takes them around four years to become fully grown.
These cats are so friendly that it is very important you don’t let them go outside. Letting your cats go outside is dangerous and irresponsible anyway and I do not recommend it. But these cats are so laid-back to the point they could snuggle right up next to a predator. They're meant to be spoiled and cared for inside.
One fun fact about these cats is that they are a relatively new breed. They were first created during the 1960s when a lady named Ann Baker found a long-haired female cat running in the neighborhood and took her in and bred her with a different long-haired cat. Which ended up making the beloved Ragdoll.
A Ragdoll named Frankenlouie was the longest-living Janus cat. If you don’t know what a Janus cat is, in summary it’s a cat that has two faces. Frankenlouie managed to live for fifteen years despite his disability which is just incredible and their owner must have taken very good care of them and loved them a lot.
After all, how could you not love a cat as cute and majestic as a ragdoll? Just look at this cat’s content and curious face.
Number eight: The Somali 
If you haven’t seen a Somali cat then I’m so sorry. How could you not lay your eyes upon these beauties? These cats are various shades of orange and brown. They normally are bright orange and can be seen from a mile away. But I know I would certainly walk a mile just to see one of them. They can also be ticked but those coats are extremely rare. Their fur is mainly very fluffy but some of them can have short, dense fur. However, They all have long bushy tails. They need to be brushed daily and trimmed every so often. Because of their pelt colors, these cats have been given the nickname Fox cats.
These kitties are also very active and playful. From the videos I have seen, these kitties love to run around and play, and overall will make you lose all of your energy. So if you’re looking for a partner that will have you heaving for air, these cats are definitely the cats for you!
They need more than just a few minutes of playtime. It’s a good idea to get these cats on leashes and walk them outside if you live in a good environment. Just make sure they don’t get loose.
One fun fact is that these cats aren’t even from Somalia despite their name. They are actually named that because of the fact their genes are close to another cat breed named Abyssinian, and Somalia borders Ethiopia (formerly called Abyssinia) on a map.
Just look at this cute, hyper kitty and tell me it isn’t the goofiest cat you have ever seen. 
Number seven: The LaPerm
These cats aren't just beautiful, they're sporadic as well. They're pretty laid-back, and easygoing, so long as they get attention, toys, and plenty of items they can climb on. These cats love to jump, climb and explore.
The fur that these cats have is also very weird. They have strange, curly fur because of the result of a mutated gene. Their fur can be short or long. They also don’t shed a lot despite their unusual fur. They are actually born bald and then grow their fur in as they age.
These cats were born by accident. A mother barn cat gave birth to a litter of kittens and one of those kitties ended up having strange, curly fur. This kitten was bred with other cats once they were older and the LaPerm was born!
LaPerms have an average personality despite not being like a regular cat. They are pretty laidback and love their playtime and their humans. They love to get held and snuggled as well.
If you're familiar with other felines, you might be interested to know that the Skookum cat breed is the outcome of a Laperm and Munchkin getting bred together!
However, if you want one of these cute kitties you are going to have to have a wad of cash because these rare kitties cost between 800-1500 dollars. 
Number six: The Japanese Bobtail
These cats stick out compared to other ones. They are small to medium-sized and their fur can either be short or long-furred. Depending on their fur length you should brush them at least a few times every week.
The main characteristic of these cats is that instead of having long tails like most cats do these cats barely have a tail at all. Instead, they have an extremely small tail in the shape of a tiny ball. Their tails can be flexible or they can be rigid as well. It depends on the cat. The tail's more similar to a rabbit tail than a tail that a cat would have. But that doesn’t change the fact that these cats are very adorable. Like a human fingerprint, each one of their tails is unique and no two are the same. They can also be born without any tail at all and those kittens are called Rumbies. They also sometimes wag their tail if they’re flexible like dogs to show their happiness.
An urban legend says that these cats were made from the offspring of a wild bobcat and a domestic house cat. However, the lack of a tail is actually just because of a genetic mutation in domesticated house cats that got bred down, and when a bobbed-tail male cat named Yodie mated with a Siamese, the breed was officially made.
They have a loving and sweet personality and tend to be fairly active as well. They love to be surrounded by people and they love playing with them too. They are also extremely intelligent, being able to learn tricks and even open some types of doors. They are also referred to as singing cats because of the fact they meow, chirp, and make other cute noises.
One fact is that due to their tail mutation, it's not uncommon for them to have some other mutations as well. For example, it's not uncommon for them to have heterochromia, which means they have two different eye colors.
These kitties are also a symbol of good luck. Especially in Japan. They have the nickname maneki-neko which means beckoning cat. Statues of these cats are usually displayed in restaurants and stores. 
You should totally get one of these lucky kitties!
Number five: The Sphynx 
Now I might get some hate for this one but I don’t care. These cats are so pretty, even if they don’t have any fur. Don't get me wrong, I do love snuggling up to a soft and warm kitty. After all, most of my cats are extremely fluffy.
But you can’t look at these kitties and tell me they're ugly. Fur or no fur they are adorable! Besides, for those allergic to fur, these cats are the purr-fect solution! Haha no, I’m never going to not use that unfunny joke when talking about cats.
The most obvious thing about a Sphinx cat is that they don't have fur. Or well, they actually aren't completely hairless despite getting called hairless cats. They can have short layers of fur which can grow in different areas. However, that fur is very different from a short-furred cat. They also don't have whiskers because of this. Despite their lack of fur, these cats are warmer than other ones. Four degrees warmer in fact.
Sphinx cats also come in a variety of colors. It's a myth that they only are "flesh-colored." They can be tabbies, calicos, and pretty much any long-furred cat color. Just without the fur.
Now you don't have to brush these kitties because of their lack of hair, but you do have to bathe them daily because of just how sensitive their skin is.
You may also have to get cat clothing for them as well so they can stay warm during the winter or cold times. After all, they don't have fur to keep them naturally warm. It's also not advised to have one of these cats if you live in an area that's constantly cold. However, they can get sunburns as well, so you just have to take good care of your kitty and make sure they're safe.
Sphynx are very smart, energetic, and sociable, and they require a lot of attention. They are great with other cats, kids, dogs, and other animals as well. Some owners have described them as, “Being a dog in a cat’s body.”
Their name comes from the Egyptian creature named The Sphynx. However, this breed didn't exactly exist then. Back in the early 1960s, a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless cat in Toronto and it didn't look like a normal hairless cat due to other genetic mutations. Ever since then, the Sphynx has become an official breed.
One fact about these cats is that you have to be careful when you feed them to make sure that you don't overfeed or underfeed them. They love to eat due to their high metabolism.
Another fact is that there ranked 9th as the most popular cat breeds in the USA. Considering how many cat breeds there are this is fairly high. 
These cats require a lot of upkeep but if you are willing to take care of your kitties then these cats would be great for you to adopt. 
Number four: The Bengal 
Just look at this cat and tell me that they aren’t pretty. If you say they aren’t then man, I don’t know what’s wrong with you! These cats are just so gorgeous. They have beautiful pelt patterns that make them look like they have just escaped from a zoo.
Yet there’s no need to fear them! These wild-looking kitties are domestic house cats like the rest of the cats on this list. They just share a few traits with their wild brethren. Although despite looking like big cats they don’t really meow. Instead, they make a strange barking sound and chirps.
These cats are very similar to dogs actually. They love to get put on leashes and get walked, will play with dog toys, and they can even play games that dogs do. They are also natural hunters, being able to kill most small animals with ease. This is something that you should take into account before you adopt one of these great kitties.
Their fur, besides being just flat-out gorgeous, is short and very stiff. It's described as being very similar to the fur of a rabbit. Each strand of their fur is ticked which means that there are two to three colors in each strand of their fur. Their pelts also gleam in the sunlight.
These cats look so wild because they are actually the hybrid offspring of a wild Asian Leopard and a domestic house cat. But despite having wild roots these cats are fully domesticated.
Bengal cats used to be named Safari cats until the 1970s when their name was changed to reflect the Asian Leopard cat’s scientific name which is Prionailurus Bengalensis.
If you want one of these cats you are going to have to have a lot of money. They are called the “Rolls Royce of cats” for a reason after all. The average cost of a Bengal kitten is between 2000-5000. It’s reported that a woman in London paid 50,000 for her Bengal cat. However, that may just be a myth.
Owning Bengal cats is illegal in some US states. Now they are domesticated pets but some states view them as “Dangerous.” These states include Hawaii and New York. It’s possible but a hassle to adopt them in the cities of Seattle and Denver.
These cats also tend to steal items a lot. They love to play with toys, so Bengal cats tend to take objects and scatter them in various places around their territory. Yes, this does include your car keys. So watch out!
Even if these cats may look wild they are actually pretty chill and very loving, clinging to their owners. They are actually extremely clingy and require pets often. If you aren’t home often then you need another cat for your Bengal cat to bond with. Or they will get bored and destroy your entire house. 
They are also very smart and agile, being able to turn light switches off and on and open doors. They have loads of energy and love to swim, jump, and overall run around and cause havoc.  If you want a piece of the wild in your house then I recommend getting one of these hot cats!
Number three: The Lykoi
These cats may seem scary but they aren’t as bad as they look! These cats are nicknamed, “The werewolf cat.” That’s because they look like tiny little werewolves to some people, because of the lack of fur on their faces which makes them look almost wolf-like. Their official name, the Lykoi, means wolf in Greek.
They are related very closely to the Sphynx and are similar to them because of the fact that they don’t have much fur. The fur that the Lykoi does have is similar to the pelt of a possum. Their fur can be any color, but they mainly tend to be black or other dark colors. They can lose all of their fur at times but unlike their relatives, they can grow their fur back with time. Despite their lack of fur these cats actually shed a lot. They shed almost constantly and need to be brushed daily because of that. 
These cats weren’t bred for any purpose. In fact, they were discovered in the wild when two litters of these cats were shown to Johhny and Brittney Gobble in 2011. TICA (The International Cat Association) gave the Lykoi registration in 2012. In 2017 TICA approved the breed to be entered into championships.
One fun fact about these cats is that they are extremely rare. There are fewer than a hundred pure-bred, show-quality Lykoi cats out there. A show-quality Lykoi means they are strictly all black roan. It is more common to find them mixed with other colors but even then they still certainly are rare.
These rare kitties can also actually change colors. During the winter when they grow new fur, it may be a different color from their past pelt.
Sadly, These cute kitties have some health issues due to the fact that they look the way they do because of a mutation. They're more prone to skin diseases. They can get sunburns, and brush burns (Brush burns are when you use cheap grooming tools that aren’t meant for your cat and they leave bruise-like marks on the cat’s skin). They can also get infections and cysts on their body if they aren’t cleaned and groomed as they're supposed to be. It takes most Lykoi cats six to seven years to start showing signs of possible health issues. But if you are willing to take care of your kitties then these certainly are cute ones to adopt and add to your family!
Number two: The Devon Rex
One of my family members breeds and sells these cute kitties! I am not very close with that family member nor do I even like them that much in all honestly. However, I might have to suffer through a visit with them just to get one of these cute cats one day.
These cats have medium-sized bodies, long, pointy ears, an almost triangular head, as well as big, bulging eyes. They have a slender body and their coat is weird, having curly and wavy fur which is thick and short. They also have a lack of fur in some areas as well.
These cats do not need to be groomed as much as other cat breeds. Actually, grooming them can harm them because of the fact their fur is so short and thick and it will cause it to break.
Unlike the Sphynx, which these cats share some similarities with, they do not need to be bathed. Just petting them can smooth their natural oil over their pelt. However, if needed you can wipe them down using pet-friendly wipes. But similar to the Sphynx these cats like wearing sweaters and other cat clothing due to the fact they get cold easily. 
One fun fact is that The Devon Rex has two nicknames. One of which is “Dennis the Menace” because of the fact they are extremely ornery and playful. And another one which is “Poodle that purrs” because of the fact they have an dog-like personality and their fur is curly like a poodle’s.
Another fact for fellow cat lovers out there, the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex were once believed to be the same breed until they were bred together and it was discovered that they were indeed two separate breeds.
They are very energetic, running around and playing nearly constantly. They love to get attention from their humans, fellow cats, or other animals as well. These cats also have a great sense of humor and will keep you on your feet. Or your paws!
Number one: The American Wirehair
Now we are at the end of our list and I just have one kitty left to talk about. These cats have all been cute. (all kitties are cute in my mind!) But this cat holds a special place in my heart, and this cat is the American Wirehair!
I personally have one confirmed Wirehair cat and he is a little brat. I love him a lot though. He’s so pretty. He looks like a Siamese cat but one that has rolled in mud, having darker brown fur. He also is pretty chubby and clingy and has a bit of a biting issue. However, I love the goofball.
Wirehair cats are extremely rare, and they have a fur defect that makes their fur as thick as a dog’s. It is extremely dense and during the winter it becomes much longer and thicker. It's almost hard at the touch to protect these cats from the harsh winters. They have a lot of muscles and usually are chubby. Not because of fat for the most part, but because of their general body structure. Much like their fur, their bodies are designed to live in cold environments. They look heavy but when you pick them up they are still somehow heavier than what you could have expected.
In 1966 a kitten was found and they had fur similar to a terrier. The parents of this cat were most likely american shorthairs. The cat was sold to a breeder who realized the mutation and bred them with another cat, hence creating the American Wirehair.
These are pretty expensive cats, if you're looking to pick one up for yourself, ranging from a thousand to two thousand dollars depending on the breeder and cat. 
These cats are also very smart and can be trained. The problem is just motivating them to learn how to do things. However, if you have a will and a lot of treats and are willing to praise your kitty then you might just be able to train these cute cats to do something besides nap all day.
The personality of these cats is easy-going and they can be cocky as well. They are fairly lazy, loving to lay around and relax rather than play, and they are extremely kind and cuddly, loving to get pet by their humans. They are good with kids as well. They get along with other cats fairly well too. 
I hope you guys appreciated the ten cats on this list! It’s a shame I couldn’t include every cute kitty out there but if I did that we would be here all day and I would have to spend hours upon hours writing about kitties. Which I wouldn’t mind doing. But sadly, life doesn’t work today.
If you didn’t see your favorite breed on here don’t worry! Just remember that all felines are cute felines and your kitties love you very much. 
Article written by Ashy (May 2023) 
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