Interview with Veronica Silesto

T: Hello and welcome to Zooey Dot Pub. As long time readers will know, I've had a bit of a fascination with the zoo porn industry for a while now. Polls show that the majority of animal attracted people realize their attraction from porn. But, at the same time, there are some concerns around zoo porn being exploitative and immoral. Today I'm hoping to shed some light on the zoo porn industry with our amazing guest, Veronica Silesto! 
T: Hi there! Great to meet you! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. I could talk about your experience, but I always think it's more interesting to hear it directly. So please, tell the readers a little bit about yourself, and how you got into all of this.
V: Hi and thank you for inviting me to talk. You can call me Veronica. I seem to be one of the few actresses of the zoo genre who keeps in close touch with fans. I am interested in interacting primarily for getting approval and criticism, guidelines in the industry. And, of course, the huge benefit of this communication is that I get sensations, sometimes on the verge of enjoyment from realizing the number of people excited by my extreme creativity. Every woman will understand what I'm talking about: a warm compliment is very pleasant, and hundreds of thousands, millions of words of delight make you a star in your own world. Of course I’ll be frank and open in conversation with you, don’t hesitate to ask sharp questions. 
A little about myself. I don't know how people imagine the beginning of such an atypical relationship between a woman and animals. Probably, the imagination draws pictures of the poorest slums, dirt, prostitution, diseases, sex for food? Perhaps I used to imagine bestiality myself that way, I don't remember exactly. But I myself turned out to be a completely different example. I am educated, rich, and not stupid, my family is intelligent and progressive. My husband is a big businessman in the sports industry, my wife is a former fitness model (yes, I am in a polyamorous marriage). Of course, they know about my passion and enjoy the spectacle from the "front row."
My zoo experience is not as rich as I would like, I really regret that I did not feel this craving in my early youth, when girls begin to form their sexual preferences and make choices. I will say for sure that I would not think about changing all my male sexual partners in the past to big beautiful dogs (don't tell my husband about this!)  Seriously, I can't remember a single experience as vivid with a man as with my "fluffy boys."
T: Well, it certainly seems like you're doing your best to make up for lost time! I always find it fascinating how really anyone can be animal attracted. There's for sure an assumption made, but I've met people from all walks of life that just love animals. How did you find out that you were animal attracted? Was it something that you weren't sure about at first, or have you always believed that it was okay having animal partners?
V: My last husband always had pets, and after marrying him, I also found myself in the company of his cute Labrador puppy. This is a special breed for which the owners have the meaning of life. And this dog is especially beautiful, smart and affectionate. It is impossible to imagine a more human look in an animal, believe me! His name is Proximus. We had no plans for his mating, because it's strange for us to give our baby to fuck some dog. 
And so the virgin male began to grow up, being just as tame and affectionate. And then there were some moments when I felt real sexual excitement from accidentally touching him with certain parts of the body. You understand me, I'm sure. That's where the first thoughts were born that in my sex journey through life, the topic of animals will not be limited to a slight interest in dog pornography in the past.
Later, everything gradually turned to conscious experiments. Probably, for six months I accustomed Proximus to my body and eventually got a temperamental, attentive and very hot partner. Recently we have another pet – a beautiful gray Cane Corso. Of course, he is also already in the process of learning our "adult games."
T: Well, thank you so much to your husband for bringing you into this world, and hey congrats on bringing another dog into the family! So how did that experience turn into making adult content? That seems like a huge jump! Did you start right into zoo stuff, or were you already making adult content and decided to start filming your new interest as well?
V: My husband was in the subject of my new "orientation" from the very beginning, he was unrealistically impressed and excited by this fact and of course the spectacle. I made videos for myself, then I started posting short home clips on thematic sites. And then I came up with the idea to create a full-fledged commercial movie and try to monetize what he shoots. As you can see, we did it well. Now there are 50 complete movies available, we made this collection in 2 years. And rest assured, we are not planning to stop! Moreover, we have a new star growing up. 
This is my debut in the porn industry and in cinema in general. Before, I had nothing to do with cinema and did not even suspect that I would ever be. During my career in the zoo industry, we have made several "human" porn films in MFMF, MFM and just as a couple. But this is not intended for the mass audience, it is a personal archive.
T: So, not to toot my own horn, but I've had a lot of people call me "brave" for having a very public zoo persona and being outspoken about animal rights. But I'm just sitting here behind a screen name and a profile picture. Meanwhile, you're in front of a camera with just a mask. Do you get nervous about creating the kind of content you do so openly?
V: Believe me, I definitely don't need to drink a bottle of strong alcohol to get out under the cameras. You probably see for yourself that most of the studio zoo films are filmed either without emotion at all, or with obvious tension and nervousness. For me, sex can't be like that. My sex is always a volcano, always an event that prolongs my life and a real holiday. I'm not a sexaholic, I don't accept strangers, other people's dogs. I only have sex with those I love, that's why I look so natural in the frame. 
But you meant the other side of my genre, which should make me nervous. Shame, condemnation, morality... Here I have a short conversation. I can only be guilty to those I love. I can also be ashamed only in front of them. And only they can hurt me. Everything else – society, sociality – is not my story. I have no idea who the guy is who shames me for having sex with my beloved dog. A pedophile? The killer? A corrupt official? Or just a stupid nobody? What should be the basis of my emotions according to his will, especially such complex ones as shame? I can't afford to be ashamed of strangers. 
Well, another thing I might be nervous about is the law. Fortunately, my producer is an impeccable lawyer. I don't do things that can't be done on the territory of those countries where it can't be done. Everything that may seem illegal to viewers from conservative countries, I do where the law does not pursue it.
T: You're so right about the people that try to shame us. Shame shouldn't need to exist with what we do anyway, but even still, the people that try to shame others tend to be the ones that are most ashamed of themselves. So, this might be a weird question, but I'm really curious. Given the nature of your content, how much trouble do you run into with distribution? You host your own site where everyone can buy your content, but is it hard to find places to advertise? Are people hesitant to put their credit card info into a site like that? Also, have you had any issues with payment processors giving you issues because of your content?
V: I am quite far from marketing my movies, my wonderful team is working on promo and advertising. Fans know Eva, Jesus and other guys who work with me, making money from my videos. My website and a dozen well-known porn sites that host trailers of my videos with ads. This is quite enough to do a good business. Don’t forget about my loyal fans, there are already more than 100 thousand of them. In any case, we have never had any problems with demand and are not expected to.
As for payment systems and customer security. Of course, it would be stupid to try to sell extreme porn directly on your site. It is even more stupid to try to connect any payment system to accept cards. That's why there are people whose job it is to solve my problems. Our clients purchase goods without any hint of pornography, so they are guaranteed complete anonymity of such a transaction. For example, you can buy gum on Amazon or a travel package on Thomas Cook, and this will be in your bank statement. But as a result of this payment, you will receive a Veronica Silesto’s video.
We have never had any problems with payment systems, because we have never dealt with them. More problems with the unfortunate, who definitely need to spoil at least something. Write a complaint to my “OnlyFans” account, leave a dumpster after a picnic, or just spoil someone's mood. These are the phenomena that sometimes occur, adding extra work to my guys.
T: So, part of what I find interesting in your content is that it's all you with your two dogs. It really feels like you care about the animals in your life, which I think is something that most people don't think about when it comes to zoo porn. If you had to, how would you label your relationship with them?
V: Oh my God, millions of men dream of being in the place of these animals, (((believe me!))) A kilogram of steamed veal a day, luxury accommodation, the best beauty salons, health control like astronauts, constant sex with a beautiful woman! I assure you and all your readers – this is real, devoted, passionate love! They give me back what I feel, and it's an endless process of mutual dependence.
T: That's great to hear! Have you thought about maybe trying to record with other animals? Or are you exclusively interested in canines?
V: I have a lot of opportunities, and I would have given myself to the whole fauna of the Earth long ago if I were a crazy nymphomaniac. But everything is more prosaic: I am a simple family woman, devoted to my beloved creatures. Therefore, there will be no horses, pigs, moray eels, or even other dogs in me. Fortunately for me and to the disappointment of casual viewers. But that's what my loyal fans appreciate. I'm not a dirty whore, I'm their queen. 
However, I have one exciting interest. I've never seen porn with a woman and a monkey. I assume that this is either completely unsafe or impossible due to the lack of monkeys in home education. But this is exactly what I would like to try. It can be an absolutely crazy experience, and my interest is too obsessive not to try it. My producer is in correspondence with a couple of chimpanzee owners, let's see if something comes out of this.
T: Well, I can't say I know of anyone with a monkey partner, but if I ever meet them and they're interested in making some content like that, I'll be sure to send them your way! I don't think I've seen anything like that either! So, when it comes to human on human porn, it's probably a lot easier when you can describe what you want to your co-star. With dogs, that seems a lot harder. What are some of the benefits and challenges that come from having dogs as scene partners when you're filming?
V: One out of 10 commercial videos go to the trash because some of us are just in the wrong mood. Planned sex itself is already a problem, and each of us should be as distracted as possible from the "formality" of the shooting process. We don't know how to live according to the script, but shooting it in any case assumes. My main task is to relax and have fun, as always. Dogs should not suspect the atmosphere of "staging" and feel natural. The operator should be as transparent as possible, not to distract either me or the dogs with his presence. I wouldn't call it a disadvantage, it's just a cost of the process. 
Advantages? I'm sorry, but I have nothing to compare it with. It's over, I like ordinary everyday sex more, without masks and cameras. But if I happen to act in professional porn with men in the future, I will definitely share my feelings with you. 
In general, sex with a skilled man and a big dog can be compared in terms of the sharpness of sensations. The key word is skillful. A man needs to be very sophisticated in sex to impress me. And it's enough for a dog to just be himself.
T: Do you have much sex with your dogs off camera? If so, what are the differences when you're just being intimate with them vs when you're trying to film content?
V: Almost every day when I'm at home. They are very temperamental and persistent, and I myself do not intend to refuse them. Of course, our home sex is warmer, gentler and more intimate. There is no preparation, no foreplay. Only the animal world of passion. Where I get caught, sex happens there, we don't need to set a time and place. Fortunately, in my personal life there are all the conditions for this. 
Shooting a commercial movie is completely different. Be sure to take a break for 2-3 days without sex. On the set, my dogs are overexcited and more chaotic than at home, because they are not on their own territory. They attack, you can say they rape me. I also get too excited about it and the sex in the frame looks fierce and wild. As for the sensations, sex during the shooting can not bring as much physical pleasure as at home. There is no relaxation and intimacy, it is impossible to focus on feelings. I think any porn star will confirm my words.
T: So as someone who's generally in the zoo porn space, I don't know how much you've worked with some of the bigger companies out there, or heard stories from others, but when it comes to the bigger names how much consideration is there for the happiness and wellbeing of the animals involved in their productions?
V: I've received offers from probably all the producers you might know in this industry. Almost all the freelance girls contacted us with proposals for joint filming. I wouldn't accept it on any terms just because I don't consider myself a part of the business. I am an independent and closed person, I am not interested in money, prospects and growth. My story is a true addiction to pleasure, which unexpectedly brought good incomes. No more. 
Safety, comfort and mutual attraction, in my opinion, are things without which there should be no porn, no sex at all. Neither in the zoo, nor in the human world. It pisses me off when a dog is simply raped in the video, when she does not show any initiative. It's a flat and lifeless plot, it's not porn at all.  
The right approach to creating a zoo begins with the correct training of the animal. We spent six months on this from the first contact to the first shooting. When raising a new pet, we allow him to be present in the frame, but I never focus on him while he is just an "extra." The main character is still the same here. And my young star is still six months away from full participation in the cinema, I think.
T: I definitely agree with you about your criticisms of a lot of the porn out there. I think that's something that's going to get better as the idea of being animal attracted gets more normalized. It's a scary thing for most people making this kind of video, and I think that tension can be felt even in the footage. Speaking of porn though, this magazine is something with pretty much no adult content. Our big goal with the magazine is trying to push for zoo activism in a safe for work way. But that said, there's no denying the power of porn to motivate people. What role do you think porn can play in trying to create more widespread zoo acceptance?
V: You know, we thought that our audience was no more than a couple thousand meaningful and deeply involved people who would become regular viewers. As we can see two years later, for every thousand regular buyers of my movies, there are 5,000 newcomers. New people are constantly appearing and there are more and more of them, the process is becoming more active. This is very inspiring and inspires future creations. My clips on 10 sites where we advertise have accumulated more than 20 million views at the moment. People are increasingly stepping over embarrassment and asking us questions, asking for advice, and just trying to get to know and communicate on our favorite topic. A great trend, laid down by pornography, or something else.
T: As someone from Spain, what do you think about the new change in laws to "legalize bestiality" there? I've heard from other Spanish friends that the law is fairly controversial, and not as clear cut as some of the more American media makes it out to be.
V: There was a lot of hype around nothing. Bestiality has never been mentioned in Spanish criminal law. Where this fictional interpretation of article 337 of the Criminal Code came from is anyone's guess. There is not a word about the sexual exploitation of animals, you can see for yourself. Modern journalism is not perfect, if there is no news occasion, many authors are not averse to inventing it. 
Speaking generally about the legal side of our genre, I fully agree that the safety and well-being of an animal is most important when you enter into some kind of interaction with it. You play, you feed, you have sex – it doesn't matter. Be careful and do not dare to harm. This is the focus of the amendments proposed in Spain to the law on the protection of flora and fauna. And to call the sex of a fragile girl and a guard dog weighing 150 pounds sexual exploitation is a clear overkill, you must agree. To be honest, in my case, the victim is rather me, because my dogs are not giving me a pass, demanding sex.
T: I'm not sure if this is something that you'd know about, but have you had any fans reach out with concerns about the legality of buying, downloading, or watching your videos? With how taboo the subject can be, I know there's a fair bit of fear around even just trying to find this kind of thing.
V: Many visitors to our sites ask how safe it is to watch my videos from the point of view of surveillance and police harassment. We have checked and can convincingly state that no country in the world prohibits viewing zooporno. In other words, if you found a video on a zoo website and clicked "play," you didn't break any laws, no matter where you lived. Citizens of some countries, mainly Africa, should be a little more careful with storing copies of the zoo on their devices.  Citizens of some US states, such as Oregon, Nevada, Texas, should also be cautious. There, for owning a physical copy of zoo porn, you can get a serious fine or even go to jail. 
Therefore, our distribution model is unlimited online video streaming. You pay money and enjoy the video as many times as you want, from any device, 100% safe. It is impossible to condemn a person for visiting the site, if only because he might not know the content, and it is impossible to prove the opposite. 
And another pitfall in our field, a good reason for reasonable fears is fraud. In 2 years, my team has calculated and closed more than 100 sites, social media accounts with generous offers of fantastic discounts on my videos. "The whole Veronica Silesto collection for €200" and the like. The only way to get my movies for resale is to steal by making a screen copy of the worst quality. This is time-consuming and not everyone can do it, so scammers prefer to just take your money and not give anything in return.
There is extra money – donate to shelters for abandoned animals, do not give a dollar to scammers. The only place where you can buy my videos is the website
T: I think it's fair to say that it's pretty complicated doing all of this, which is why I thank you so much for agreeing to have a conversation about it! If there's a reader out there that's looking to getting into creating this kinda content, what advice would you have for them?
V: If we are talking about amateur content for home use, there are no secrets. Put the camera on and fuck, then you'll take into account your mistakes and make it better. 
And if you're talking about a big commercial movie for money, it's not that simple. I advise you to familiarize yourself with the criminal law of your state to begin with. It is good to train a dog so that it is not just a piquant erotic game, but real hardcore pornography. Take care of privacy, of course. Haters will destroy you if you keep your footprints in social networks. 
If you want to make money, be prepared for the fact that the only payment method that is safe for the client is cryptocurrency. At the same time, no more than 2% of the audience is ready to deal with this. You also need an operator, because video from one point and without a close-up is very boring and not in demand. We need a video editor and a sound engineer to get a really high-quality product in the end. In general, there is a lot of work to do if you want to turn your movies into money.
T: Do you have any projects coming up that you can tease for our readers?
V: The nearest project is "Wedding Party." With a palace, a limousine, a bride, a groom and a best man. Lots of nature, lots of scenery, lots of sex! And a little later there will definitely be a "Party on the yacht." While there are difficulties with this: dogs need to be accustomed to pitching on board, it's not easy at all. It should turn out to be a very beautiful and dynamic film. Among the ideas there is also a "Gym Party" I dream of making a movie in a sports club. Sport is my second passion after sex and it is strange that there is still no such movie in my collection.
T: Thank you so much again for doing this Veronica. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day! Are there any final remarks you'd like to leave our readers with?
V: Do not try to restrain your desires and passions, this is a destructive force if you keep them within the boundaries of your own body. You will not change your energy with nature, it will simply crush you with ailments and bad luck. I literally share my body and soul with nature and am so happy that I rarely touch the Ground with my feet. That's what I wish for you!
Interview between Tarro and Veronica (April 2023)
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