Feral "Art"

Hi there, Tarro here! Did you find the picture above sexy? If so, you might not want to hear this, but you might be a zoophile. Maybe you're not ready to go out there and start looking up guides for how humans and dogs can have sex in real life, but you're at the very least a little bit zooey, someone who has a little bit of an interest in that kind of thing. And you know what, there's nothing wrong with that! If you're someone who hasn't had many experiences with zoos before, you might feel your blood boiling at the thought of someone accusing you of being a zoophile, but give me a few minutes of your time and read along. I want to show you that maybe it's not quite as bad as you think.
First of all, you're certainly not alone! Did you know the feral tag on the popular furry porn site e621 has 543,908 pictures as of writing? In case you don't know, "feral" is a furry vocabulary word that basically just means, "animal." In a furry world populated by characters who look like humans and animals mixed together, "ferals" are the animals-animals of that world: basically, ferals are the ones that still go around on four legs, if they're a species that would do that in real life. With 543,908 pieces of artwork tagged "feral" on a furry porn website, That's more than half a million dogs, cats, horses and other animals that people found attractive enough to take the time to draw. And it's not like those pieces don't find an audience either! The number one feral piece on the same site has 11,000 upvotes, 22,000 favorites and has only been up for a year now. So, at the very least, that's 22,000 fellow animal anatomy enjoyers out there. Not to mention all those (myself included) that have never even bothered to make an account on that site, much less actually click any of the little buttons other than "Next Image." Plus, all the other places where it's been posted! Realistically, it's more than likely that more than 100,000 people have gotten their rocks off to that particular piece of media of an animal. Maybe yourself included! 
By the way, to give credit where credit is due, that very popular feral piece is by the amazing artist Dacad. They have no affiliation with Zooey Dot Pub, nor did I ask before talking about their piece here. It's just the number one in feral, so it was relevant for this. Sorry/Thank you!
Let's talk about what that piece actually is. Sure, it's a Pokémon, and the size is a little different. But what do we actually see happening. A very large Sylveon and an anthro character are in the woods together. Through body language, the Sylveon gives an indication that they're open to having sex. From there, there's a bunch of sheath play (that is, doing some foreplay by touching on the part of an animal that holds their penis when it's not "in use"), and then the two characters take turns penetrating each other, before both of them cuddle and go to sleep. At no point does the Sylveon talk or do anything outside the scope of what most animals do. Obviously, it's porn, so there is some embellishing done, the same way that human on human porn is rarely a reflection of what real sex between two humans is like, but at the end of the day it's a dude and a dog in the woods that meet up and have sex, and then snuggle to sleep. That's pretty equivalent to the times that me and my partner are active as well. 
Now listen, at this point in your head if you're someone that's against zoos, your head is probably racing with all kinds of arguments about why zoophilia is wrong, and why you could never be someone attracted to animals. And all that's well and good, but it's not what we're here to talk about. Attraction doesn't equal action. If you want to live your life never exploring the possibility of sex with animals in the real world, that's totally okay. I'm not trying to convince you to. My point is just to explain the incorrectness that exists when people try to claim that porn of humans and animals isn't zoophilic. 
Let's take a look at another picture, the one that I used as the icon for this article. The piece is drawn by the lovely and talented Dark Violet. Again, no affiliation, didn't ask before, yada yada. I picked this picture to use because I think it illustrates my point extremely well. The picture is of a dog. She's propped up on a railing, with her tail raised, looking back at the viewer. Once again, the point of the piece is clear. That dog wants to smash. There's no other communication needed. You may think to yourself "Well sure, but that's unrealistic to expect in real life. Communication is a lot harder there." But, is it really? 
There's something a number of female animals do called "flagging." Essentially, when a female animal is interested in a male, she'll stand in front of the male, raise her tail (usually while visibly aroused, her sexual anatomy all big and puffed up and ready to go because she is in heat), and then she'll turn to look back at the male. An animal doing this is directly indicating her intentions. She wants to have sex. And essentially, that's what's happening here too. There's communicated desire between a dog and the audience (you, a human) about what the dog wants sexually. That's pretty fucking zooey. 
Now, I doubt either of the pictures that I talked about were made with the intention to replicate real life zoosexual situations, but that's the thing. When you're talking about pictures of humans and animals having sex, it's pretty hard to escape zoo situations too. 
If you go back to e621 and you look up "Bestiality," it only has 78,000 pictures associated with that tag. That means that it's one seventh of the size of the "Feral" tag. But you know what the number one piece of media on the bestiality tag is? You guessed it. That same piece with the Sylveon by Dacad. 
There's so much stigma around zoosexuality, zoophilia, whatever you want to call it. The line between what's "feral" and what's "zoo" typically comes down to how ashamed the artist and people viewing that art feel about putting a certain tag on a certain piece. But at the end of the day, all feral art is zoophilic. To be a zoo is to find animals attractive, and ferals are furries but with even less of the human attributes. The feral within the art is the animal half of the zoophilia that's occurring, and you, the audience, are the human half, who is attracted to the animal. 
In fact, I would really make the argument that all furry porn in general is a little bit zoophilic. What's the difference between a picture of two anthros having sex and two humans having sex? Well, the anthros look a lot more animalistic. Muzzles, fur, tails, paws, knots. If someone drew the exact same picture but with one set of humans and one set of furries, and you decide you like the furries more, you like the furries more specifically because you like the fact that they look more like animals. 
If you're a feral enjoyer (or a furry in general) who's not a zoo, and made it this far, I really do appreciate you spending your time here. This article might feel like an attack. I promise you, it's not. Here's why I wanted to talk about this. I think animals are hot. You do too. It might not be in the same way, and there might be some conversation to be had around the nuances. But, we have something in common. We can swap Carrot pictures back and forth and talk about how excited we are for the next Forest of Love chapter to come out. We can talk about how great the sex mods for Dogmeat are in Fallout 4. We can argue about what the hottest of the eeveelutions is together (it is Sylveon by the math though). We have a lot of common interests.
If you like feral porn, that's kinda zooey, and that's okay. Enjoy your cookies and knots and flares and barbs and whatever else you're into. But the next time you finish to an amazing feral piece, maybe take a moment of post nut self reflection and ask yourself whether or not it might be worth examining your feelings on why you think zoos are so awful. Maybe even have a chat with one.
I promise we have lots to talk about. 
Article written by Tarro (Yes I just said that but this is the formula and I didn't know what to do) (December 2023) 
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