An Inhuman Romance

Written by Dayn (gayboidayn)

Therio (θηρίον) - Greek root: An animal; A beast.

ánthrōpos (ἄνθρωπος) - Greek root: A human.

Therianthropy - Therian for short, is the terminology created by what had originally been known as the “were” community back in 2005, derived from the Greek words “Therio” (θηρίον), meaning beast or wild animal, and “Ánthrōpos” (ἄνθρωπος), meaning man or human. This term is used to describe one’s inner experience of identifying as an earthen animal. This creature must have been scientifically proven to have existed, while also being an involuntary experience. Many people experience therianthropy on completely different and complex levels, ranging from spiritual, to psychological, or a mix of of both. The discovery of one’s inner self is an incredibly personal and empowering journey, so, the process is dubbed the “Awakening.”

Shifting – A term used to describe one’s perception of reality, either spiritually or psychologically, changing to best fit that of one’s theriotype. It’s important to note that therians do not believe in a physical change of their anatomy, which is more indicative of clinical lycanthropy.

Otherkin - A term made in the 1990s to describe one’s experience identifying as a creature that has not been proven to have scientifically existed. These creatures may be of mythical descent, or folklore, fable, origins unknown, or many more possibilities. These involuntary experiences are involuntary to the person, and involves an Awakening similar to that of a therian.

KintypeThe term for the creature(s) a therian or otherkin identifies as.

Kith | Other-heartedThe term for the creature(s) a therian or otherkin identifies with.

The difference between Kith & Kin is similar to the difference between a Tomboy & a FTM trans man. As Kin, you ARE the wolf, like a FTM man IS a man. Kith you are LIKE a wolf, like a tomboy is LIKE a man.

What would life be like if you felt that you were a wolf trapped inside a human being’s body? Living life disoriented, inadequate, with the world being simultaneously too loud yet quiet, blind in the nose, your body both too hot but cold?

Welcome to the perplexing reality of a wolf therianthrope. My name is Dayn, and today I would like to share my day to day life, from the perspective of an Alaskan Noble Companion (Wolf)Dog, or ANCD wolf for short.

Ever since I was young, I have been inexplicably drawn to animals, canines in particular. Looking from a clinical perspective, it’s only natural I would latch onto dogs. I grew up in a shitty environment, abusive parents, abusive school life, neglect, etc.. of course canines would be one of my only healthy outlets. They took me in, and I literally was raised as a part feral child.

Because of this, dog or canine mannerisms became a prominent feature in my psychological make-up. I would express myself both verbally and physically like my kin-type before I even considered using human words. This meant that from an early age, dogs would listen to me much quicker and easier than humans would – simply because I spoke in the same language they did. Communication was not only possible with me, but pleasant. As a byproduct, I preferred dog company over humans any day. This became a defining feature about me, so I quickly garnered a reputation as the neighborhood weird kid for being so dog-like.

During my adolescent years, I had a knack for understanding dogs – I still do. Growing up around them, watching them communicate with each other, and spending all of my free time reading literature about them meant that I quickly picked up body language that most people do not recognize, let alone comprehend. Minute, tiny indications that speak volumes if you know what to look for. Due to this unique ability of mine, I was able to take advantage of my skills. I began unofficially training dogs around my subdivision, giving basic commands while teaching the owners how to listen to their non-human companions. This allowed me time where I was understood and respected by people, both dog and human alike, though I by far preferred the former’s company. Expressing myself via my kintype’s methods was much more cathartic, and humans never understood that aspect of myself.

Since I hastily gained the neighborhood dog whisperer reputation, I was often surrounded by them. Many people came to me complaining that their dogs were misbehaving. I knew that they were just unheard. Almost like I was. This shared experience of misunderstanding, paired with my life as an ANCD, meant that on multiple occasions I went home with festering feelings in my heart. I could comprehend on an intimate level what they were going through. I knew that they were talking, just could not be heard by the human ears that surrounded them. Just like the many that surrounded me.

As I aged, so did my body, and soon I hit puberty. It was a dizzying, difficult, emotional time as it always is, but even more-so for someone who already felt so misunderstood by the entire human world. Suddenly, I was bombarded by strange, difficult feelings, something that I didn’t know what to do with nor who to ask. It quickly became apparent that most of these feelings came from the males around me in my work.

I never did act upon any of these feelings, but more times than I could count, I began developing crushes on the boys around me. In the time that I would bring them home, I would romp around and shift in my backyard with them. These memories still bring a smile to my face, innocent children running around the backyard, puppy-love flirting. Some crushes were reciprocated (especially once I established the fact that I could and would listen to them), but none of them ever led anywhere outside of feelings and flirting due to the current laws in place as well as my knowledge of our time together being limited.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Realizing my attraction to my non-human friends was devastating. It shook my world apart. I was already used to being hated by most humans, but this was how they treated me without any real reason to. I could only imagine how much worse the treatment would get once they realized this thing that was “wrong” about me.

It’s taught by human society that those who love, and worse, are intimate with animals are these wrong, perverse, defected people who deserve to be shunned, jailed even. Realizing that I, as a wolf, would be attracted to canines more than humans on every level, including sexually, was an absolutely world-shattering discovery.

I buried those feelings deep, deep down, into a dark corner of my heart that only I would ever visit or know existed. All of my training became professional, I stopped even entertaining the idea that I could be developing a crush. I taught myself how to appear more and more human, so that I would never compromise my secret identity, and the secret desires of my heart.

I spent most of my life in denial, pretending like I had killed off those “gross” feelings. Instead, I pretended like I was this demisexual, loner human. It wasn’t until an old friend & my current mate, came into my life and taught me about zoosexuality that my world changed. They were therians too, and quickly they told me about their experience as a non-human who also has animal attractions. They explained it was natural, expected even. We are an animal in every other way except physically, why would our romantic and sexual attractions be any different? If I desired to eat like a wolf, look like a wolf, sleep like a wolf, communicate like a wolf… then was it really that big of a stretch to consider that I would not only desire, but also have the sex drive of a wolf?

In a moment, my facade shattered. So quickly did they bring light to my dim world-view, it was both horrifying and inspiring. With hesitance, I stepped into this new, terrifying light, and began to tentatively accept my sexuality as I had the rest of my non-humanity.

Ever since then, I have fully embraced all aspects of my therianthropy, including the sexual parts about it. I have since never been happier. Being an animal doesn’t just mean I’m a wolf during all of my family friendly experiences like the community wants you to believe. I’m just as much a wolf hormonally, whether I’m sexually aroused or not. Of course I would find canines more sexually appealing than humans, just like I would find them more appealing in every other aspect. They have the nose I wish I had, they have the ears I wish I did, live the lives I wish I could, they have the teeth I want, they have the sex I want!

Being therian doesn’t just mean I have animal impulses and am drawn to animality in every pg-13 way, it also bleeds into my more adult life because that is who I am. It doesn’t make me an abuser. Hell, of all people, someone who once felt as ignored and beaten for no reason as many of the dogs I have trained, would never want to inflict any of the damage that was done to themselves onto any other living being. Let alone onto someone that they loved.

It also wouldn’t make sense for anyone who is kin to bring more harm to any non-human species. Humanity already has a way of drowning out animal voices, killing them, destroying their home, ignoring their cries for help. Therianthropy gives us a lens to be able to see our brothers and sisters as more than equals. Why should that lens disappear when it comes to less-platonic love?

Autozoosexuality isn’t a curse, it’s not perverse, it’s not this horrible thing I need to be cured of. Even if I pretend it’s not there and I’m too human for that, it won’t go away. Why? Because it’s part of who I am, that is never going to change. Instead, I’m damn proud to be me. I love every part of who I am, including my love for my kith and kin types. And canines? They are definitely my type!

Article written by Dayn (April 2023)

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