So our host dropped us

So as particularly observant readers may have noticed, we did not put up articles last week. It was our first time ever not meeting our full weekend release schedule (save for a planned holiday break). Shockingly, it wasn't because we didn't have content. Equally shockingly, it wasn't because we forgot to press the "publish" button. No, it was in fact because we were dropped by our web host. Out of nowhere, we were banned from their services and denied appeal. This wasn't just some sort of fixable technical hiccup. We tried to reason with our webhost, and were told explicitly that there would be no way to move forwards with them. And while I'm definitely annoyed, mostly because I was very proud of the streak that we had going, I can't say that I'm surprised. As zoos, there's always a pervasive feeling that the other shoe is about to drop. I've been around long enough to know that it hasn't always been as good as it is now. The fact that we can be as open as we are on Twitter is frankly a miracle, regardless of other feelings about the platform. But the reality of being a zoo is that at any point for absolutely no reason someone can flip a switch and everything we've built is just gone. Whether that's Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or even our own websites. Everything is created with a foundation that already exists. There are very few places, if any, where we're totally in control of our own fate.
Speaking of Discord, the Zooey Dot Pub Discord server recently hit a huge milestone. We managed to hit all the requirements to apply to become a Discord Partnered Server. It's kind of crazy to think about. We have 750 members, 70ish people that talk weekly, more than 150 people that are checking in every week. That's a whole lot of zoos. It's a strong and solid community space. We have members there that aren't connected to the zoo community in any other places. If the server were to disappear, hopefully they would find another zoo positive space to exist. Now just think how amazing it would be if we could also get partner certified. Not only would the server get a ton of cool perks and features, it would be a sign of safety. We would know that so long as we kept things like they are, it's very unlikely that we'd just be removed suddenly. We'd know we're not just avoiding the lazy eye of moderators, but that we found somewhere that could actually honestly exist. 
So, should we apply? The way I see it, there are three possible results. There's a chance they say yes, a result that I think would be, and I don't mean this lightly, a massive step forwards for zoo rights. But, there's also a chance that when forced to actually look at our server, they remove us, and delete everything we've worked towards in the last year. There's also a third, probably most likely option, where they deny our application but don't ban us. Take a minute here, seriously give this a thought. If you were in my shoes, your finger is hovering over the button, what would you do?
If you get to this part of the article, stop here and comment somewhere. What would you do? 
We already made this decision about a week ago when we first became eligible. We decided that we were willing to take the risk in order to build something that has the potential to really last. But now that our web host dropped us, I'm wondering if that was a good idea. Maybe our current run of success has made me too optimistic. Because there's always a chance  they ban us. There's a chance that Twitter impliments a no zoos rule. That ZooCommunity, and the telegram groups, and everything could just disappear.
The larger our community grows, the faster we grow. The larger we are, the more that zoos around the world that feel alone can see others like them, and join in. Growth is exponential. But, the larger we grow, the more risk we amass towards being removed. This is the struggle we're going to face more and more until we finally get our equal rights.
I try to end all our articles here with a positive note, but in this case it sucks. It just sucks. This likely wont be the last time we have to deal with this problem, and there aren't a lot of great solutions to try and prevent it.
All we can do is try to count our blessings while we have them, and be ready to build this house of cards up again if it does fall down. If there's one takeaway from this, remember to always try to connect with your friends in multiple places, so that if one connection dies you can find them again more easily. 
Anyway, for the worst transition in the world, let's talk about a few more positive things in this weird half-article recap of the week! First of all, happy Zoo Pride Week! We had originally planned to start our Zoo Pride Week content today, but the internet is hard, and we didn't manage to get our site up and running again until later in the week. We felt like we needed to make a statement about what happened, but also it would have been weird to wait until Zoo Pride Week was over, so here's what's happening. 
Today, you're reading this. Tomorrow, we'll be releasing a Zoo Pride article. Tuesday you'll be reading ANOTHER Zoo Pride article. Thursday you'll be reading A SECOND EXTRA Zoo Pride article. And then to close out Zoo Pride we'll be back to our normal content schedule with an awesome weekend of releases. 
We're sorry that we were gone for a week, and that this feels a little bit messy, but we hope that you'll enjoy what we have going on!
So anyway, sorry about the tonal whiplash, see you tomorrow! 
Article written by Tarro (July 2023) 
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